States With Internet Sweepstakes Cafes

This is a list of states that have credible reports of current or past internet sweepstakes cafes.  Nothing on this page is meant to imply the legality or illegality of any type of sweepstakes in any country, state, city, county, or any other municipality anywhere.  We do not claim that this is a complete list. 

The following states have shown up in news articles suggesting that there are internet sweepstakes cafes operating somewhere in the state.

If you are aware of any other state with active sweepstakes cafes that is not mentioned below, please let us know about it through our contact page.

North Carolina

“More than 1,000 sweepstakes cafes that have sprung up statewide”


“Estimates that there are more than 200 unregulated storefront operations taking in tens of millions of dollars” 

Many more – updates coming soon